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What We Do And Why

We believe that nutrition and health management should be your number one priority. By reaching your optimum health you can achieve all other life goals with greater energy and enthusiasm. And when you are happy, so are those around you.

Whether you have an active lifestyle, the daily desk job or want to win the gold, we at NutriGen make your nutrition our number one priority.
Our dietary programs are formulated to suit your unique physical needs and, with over 25 years of experience, you can trust that we will get you in top form. For the athlete or for the individual, NutriGen is for you.

…the body-stat (electronic scale) will reveal your exact muscle mass, body-water content and total fatty tissue in your body….

Our Products

Locally Formulated And Made

Formulated by a sports nutritionist, approved by a nutritional medicine practitioner. We formulate so you can win.

Check out our range of Nutritional Products designed for the professional athlete and the average weight-watcher. We will ship them to you anywhere in South Africa.

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Formulated by a sports nutritionist, approved by a nutritional medicine practitioner. We formulate so you can win.



The first step towards your health and fitness goals is assessing your unique Body Profile. Our process produces a calculated measurement of specific body fat zones via our 3 quick, easy and painless methods:

1) The Tape: Hip, waist, lower waist and thigh circumference measurement
2) The Caliper: Skin fold measurements
3) The Scale: Bioelectrical impedance measurement



TANITA body weight scales are pioneers in the accurate measurement of body composition. By utilising Bioelectrical impedance (a fancy word for electricity measuring various types of resistance in the body) the TANITA scales show accurately the total fat-free mass (lean muscle mass), total body fat and total water weight. The ratios between these 3 variables allow us to create your own unique meal plan, suited to your weight loss and fitness needs.



The science of sports performance is dependent on an athlete’s body composition. In order for any athlete to achieve his/her best power to weight ratio, endurance and strength, their diet plays a crucial role. This is where we set the pace. Perfect Replica Watches

Not all athletes require the same power output, endurance or even physical weight in their sporting categories. Most sport disciplines are unique in their physical demands on the athlete. This means that there is no mainstream diet that all athletes can follow in the hopes of achieving their best performance and results.

Karin Paquay


A sports nutritionist in private practice for the past 25 years, Karin’s aim was to ensure that her products were formulated to include two major criteria: the supplements had to include macro and micronutrients which provide immediate energy during training and events, and they had to support and maintain long-term cellular health.

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Locally Formulated And Made