Assess your Body Composition Profile

The first step towards your health and fitness goals is assessing your unique Body Profile. This a calculated measurement of specific body fat zones via 3 quick, easy and painless methods:

1) The Tape: Hip, waist, lower waist and thigh circumference measurement

2) The Caliper: Skin fold measurements

3) The Scale: Bioelectrical impedance measurement

No less than 3 methods are used to determine your total body fat composition. During the weight loss period your Body Profile will alter by losing excess fat and gaining muscle mass.

Weekly assessments

During the weight loss program your weekly assessments are structured. In these follow-up sessions your body circumference and skin fold measurements are recorded and tabulated to keep track of subcutaneous fat loss.

The average circumference loss by clients who follow the program is 2cm weekly or approximately 1kg of pure fat loss!