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Building the fat burning engine: Why you can’t lose weight by eating less

Excess fat is a natural. The body creates and stores it as an energy/ fuel supply in times of need such as famine, intense physical exertion, shock and trauma. But how do we get rid of it during our every-day lives? Basic fat metabolism, for the layman, is how readily your muscles can utilise stored […]

Skipping meals, worse than cheating?

Worse than cheating One of our biggest challenges is getting our clients to stick to the prescribed meal plan. Most assume this means no mars bars and vetkoek-like substances. However, we know it’s inevitable that people will have birthdays, weddings and holidays. We may even encourage a small token of celebration as a “treat” at […]

You Don’t Know Protein

The word “protein” is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented nutrients in today’s health-conscientious society. Due to a general lack of basic biological understanding, a lot of misgivings arise when proteins are mentioned. Familiarising yourself with the fundamentals of proteins will enable you to make better food choices and reach your nutrition goals. Because […]